Game Development

Our commitment lies in crafting immersive gaming experiences that enthrall and involve players. From conceptualization, we metamorphose ideas into vibrant, pulsating worlds that resonate with our target audience.

We prioritize innovation, creativity, and community input to consistently enhance and broaden the gaming experiences we provide. All of our games will share the same universe so they will be connected subtly or in some cases directly. P2E games have begun development and are being made with Unreal Engine 5.

We employ the "Software Development Lifecycle" (SDLC). This is a cost-effective and time-efficient process we will use to design and build high-quality software. The goal of SDLC is to minimize project risks through forward planning so that software meets customer expectations during production and beyond.


  • Develop Free-to-Play games that give easy access for players to jump right in.

  • Develop games that provide plenty of opportunity for the player to express themselves via skins and accessories.

  • Single Player & Co-op Narrative Action Games

  • Multiplayer Competitive Games


FBG has already begun development for a few titles. We plan on releasing these titles in the following order:

  1. "Escape Merica 2069". This survivor game will be playable on Roblox and be our first release.

  2. "Untitled Fortnite Game". A unique Island set in our universe's version of Miami.

  3. "Untitled UE5 Shooter". Team based. Further details are classified.

  4. "Untitled Action Adventure". Classified.

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