Revenue Sharing and Innovation

Looking ahead, FortBlockGames plans to incorporate innovative revenue-sharing models, drawing inspiration from successful paradigms such as Fortnite and play-to-earn (P2E). We aim to provide unique opportunities for our community members, including holders, to participate in the financial success of our ventures.

At FortBlockGames, our commitment is to cultivate lively and dynamic gaming ecosystems that push the boundaries of possibilities in the realm of collaborative gaming ventures, all while supporting the growth and evolution of Gamerfi.


  • Be a $FBG Token Holder

  • Buy & Sell game assets in the FBG Market-Hub


To maximize revenue for FBG and its token holders, there will be In-game stores with various items to purchase that will enhance each players experience. There will never be game-altering items that give an advantage against other players.

  • Detailed Avatar Customization: Outfits & Accessories

  • Optional Character add-ons: Additional experience customization like Pets, Weapon Skins, Mounts

  • Game Passes: Provides exclusive content & access

  • Speed level

  • The FBG Market-Hub: Taxes taken from player asset buys & sells


FBG will use the blockchain to unleash the ultimate opportunity for players to monetize in-game items they have earned or purchased.

  • Game Asset Ownership: Use the Blockchain to let players own, sell, or trade in-game items.

  • Gamers can convert the worth of their cosmetic items into the $FBG token.

  • PLAY-TO-EARN (P2E): Players can unlock and earn cosmetics by completing the free progression systems. Players will have the ability to tokenize their cosmetics, which allows those cosmetics to be bought and sold on the FBG Market-Hub. This enables players to use the value of their assets beyond the confines of the in-game system. This option enhances the overall value of game assets for the players who possess them.

To ensure the maximum amount of revenue generated, we will ensure a fully polished game release with proper device optimization on the platform and appropriate marketing.

We believe in full transparency and will be releasing a revenue dashboard for all token holders to access, to see realtime statistics of all our games combined!

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