Team Growth & Game Acquisition

FortBlockGames's Evolution


As our development budget grows, so will are team. This will allow for speedier releases and extra attention to detail for more immersive experiences. There are many positions we are looking to fill with 3 being immediate needs:

  • Level Designer

  • Programmer

  • Modeler


Our approach to acquisitions goes beyond mere ownership. When a game joins our portfolio, we don't merely let it exist; we actively refine it, and look to create sequels as well, to promote community hype and engagement.

Acknowledging its inherent potential, we transform it into a revitalized version, one that not only meets but surpasses its initial promise and vision of each game. To accomplish this, we often retain the original developers, blending their vision and passion with the expertise and resources of our team.

We proactively seek external gaming projects with substantial growth potential and support them not only financially but also through knowledge sharing and resource allocation. By cultivating a collaborative environment, we empower independent studios to prosper.

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